Customer Service

Science, Magic or Common Sense?

Good customer service can give competitive edge to firms. This practice-oriented book challenges the reader to rethink the best strategies and approaches to customer service. It offers various tools with which demanding service situations can be successfully solved, leaving customers happy. Illuminating case examples are analysed with transactional analysis (TA) without forgetting humour. Communication, interaction and listening are suggested as the most important success factors with which the firm and the customer service representatives can flourish.

  • Softcover; 176 pages
  • ISBN 9789525491388; price $30.95; AMK-Kustannus, 2008
  • In Finnish: Asiakaspalvelu; Available in Finnish
An interesting and thought-provoking book written on a common everyday topic. The book is ideal for self-study for those who are already working and for a textbook or supplementary reading for marketing and business classes. It will also broaden the views of those who are customers in various customer service situations.

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