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When Päivi and Santeri Kannisto met in 2004, they took a bold life decision to leave the Rat Race, wander the world, and write about their experiences. Together they have written more than a dozen books, both fiction and non-fiction, while living in over 100 countries. Their favourite topics include alternative and nomadic lifestyles, the art of living, philosophy, and travelling.

"The book [Free as a Global Nomad] actually surprised me since, I don't know why, I had thought it was going to be like a travel guide but I defnitely found a very deep analysis of that "nomad" way of living. Based on a lot of history, a lot of recent cases and serious comparisons. It was really very good. It is also very plural and objective. Even when the authors talk about problems it doesn't seem they are/were upset about them, but just limit their comments to the real facts without allowing feelings, what makes the reading very impartial.

"This [Global Nomads and Extreme Mobilities] penetrating analysis of the challenges posed by global nomadism for individuals and societies pushes forward the frontiers of mobilities research. A compelling combination of theoretical and personal insights unravels the complexities of lives lived through new forms of mobilities.

"A groundbreaking analysis of today's 'location-independent' travel in sedentary societies… With its many contributions to our present understandings, the work [Global Nomads] is destined to become a standard reference in its field.

"I bought this [Free as a Global Nomad] to help me write an International Relations paper. It did that well. It covers global nomadism from the perspective of travellers. It really promotes travelling as a lifestyle and is therefore biased towards this aspect. Having said that, it does cover some negative aspects of travelling, but at the end of the day, the book is here to say that global nomadism is the way forward.

"This [Global Nomads and Extreme Mobilities] is a highly intriguing and thought-provoking book about location-independent people who are always travelling. The book provides original insight and nuance into un-researched ways of life, which challenge conventional understandings of home, travel, work, and leisure. It makes us think about homelessness, obligations, consumption, and many other aspects of social life in new ways.

"Päivi Kannisto has written a cutting-edge book [Global Nomads and Extreme Mobilities] on modern mobilities. She sheds new light on the nature of the mobile risk society and what dwelling in mobility seriously means. This is a highly innovative book. It is well crafted, thought-provoking and a pleasure for all those interested in mobility, modernity and social change.

"[Global Nomads] A valuable contribution to the mobilities literature and a rich source of empirical data.



Free as a Global Nomad: An Old Tradition with a Modern Twist (Drifting Sands Press, 2012) Global Nomads and Extreme Mobilities (Ashgate/Routledge, 2016) Global Nomads: Challenges of Mobility in The Sedentary World by Päivi Kannisto (Tilburg University, 2014) La Habanera. The Escape From The Rat Race by Päivi & Santeri Kannisto (free book) Tourism Guide for Brazilians. A satirical tourism guide (free book) The Intuitionist - An Adventure in Selfhood (HyväElämä, 2021) A Guide to The Good Life - Pearls of Life-Changing Wisdom from around The World (Tammi, 2020) Hot Holidays - How Sex Tourism Is Moving People, Emotions and Money Around (Atena, 2018) My Life as a Nomad - Vagrants, Adventurers and Lifestyle Travellers (Atena, 2012) The Art of Freedom (Atena, 2014) The Super-Rich and The Poor - Backpacking in an Unequal World (Atena, 2016) Living the Extremes - How I Left The Information Society, My Business, and GNU/Linux (AMK-Kustannus, 2007) Happy Together - A free book on couple relationships (free book) Customer Service - Science, Magic or Common Sense? (AMK-Kustannus, 2008) Backdoor - IT Thriller, Fiction by Päivi & Santeri Kannisto (Kustannus HD, 2009) Gilded Pooper-Scooper - Satires by Päivi Kannisto (Siniplaneetta, 2007) Vitriolic Verses (Suolatut säkeet) by Päivi Kannisto (SKS, 1997)
Nomad Travel Books by Päivi & Santeri Kannisto
Nomad Travel Books by Päivi & Santeri Kannisto

Author Bio

Päivi Elina Kannisto and Santeri Kannisto have created a sensation with their books on the nomadic lifestyle. Their first nomad book, My Life as a Nomad, was published in Finland followed by an abridged English version called Free as a Global Nomad. Both books were written for a general audience. The English book has been translated into Turkish and translation rights have been sold to France. The two books were followed by Päivi’s academic works including Global Nomads and Extreme Mobilities.

The Kannistos’ unique approach combines travel stories with philosophical pondering on big life questions. The couple enjoy abundant publicity and receive fan letters. Readers thank them for life-changing ideas and encouragement. One of these letters ended up in Taidehalli art museum in Helsinki. It was part of an installation called "101 for all" that explored the formation of opinions. Kannistos' reader wrote: "Reading this book strengthened my idea that people can and should rely on their own choices and live in the moment, even if other people didn't approve it."

päivi Kannisto

Päivi Kannisto (b. 1970) started her career as a researcher in the prestigious Academy of Finland. She completed her first PhD on comparative literature at the age of 27. After leaving academia, Päivi worked as a journalist and PR manager in various institutions. At the turn of the millennium, she joined telecommunication business being in charge of producing and marketing of new mobile services. She was selected among the corporation’s 5000 employees as one of the 25 most promising young managers, and participated in Masterclass training that included strategy, leadership, customer relationship management, and finances. Eventually, Päivi became a management consultant specialising in strategy and leadership. She has also co-authored a a book on business management.

On the road, Päivi made her second PhD on location-independent lifestyles (Tilburg University, the Netherlands, 2012–2014). She is currently enjoying leisure lifestyle reading, writing, and exercising.

Santeri Kannisto

Santeri Kannisto (b. 1970) started a pioneering open source software company called SOT Finnish Software Engineering Ltd. in 1991, when studying software engineering in Tampere University of Technology. The company developed GNU/Linux OS platforms and had offices in Finland, Estonia, Russia, Sweden, and the United States. One of the clients was Nokia.

SOT was actively involved in the global development effort of the GNU/Linux operating system and Linux Office suite. As the maker of the leading Finnish Linux distributions – SOT Linux, Best Linux and SOT Office – SOT had a strong Linux expertise offering solutions, consultancy, maintenance, and support services. Santeri ran the company until October 2004, when he walked out and started to travel the world writing books together with Päivi. Later on the road, Santeri returned to his IT roots and has built websites with online booking systems, programmed apps, and made search engine optimisation around the world.

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